Workforce Webinars and Presentations

Welcome to the workforce presentation series!  Each presentation is a webinar recording, which runs 30-45 minutes. The presentations cover information about workforce programs that help hire, train, and retain skilled workers. 

Recorded Presentations

Title Description
How to File for Unemployment Insurance Online

This video tutorial will show you how to file for unemployment insurance online. 

Employer Webinar - Unemployment Insurance during COVID-19

A webinar specifically for employers. Here's what you need to know in order to navigate unemployment insurance benefits during COVID-19

February Webinar 2020: A Snapshot of Successful Employer Strategies

Learn how several industry experts addressed their workforce needs in this Future Ready Iowa webinar.

January Webinar 2020: Hiring Returning Citizens

Learn how hiring Iowan's returning from Iowa's correctional facilities can help build your workforce, and how returning citizens are equipped with the skills they need to become a valuable member of your team.